Applying Robotics in orthopedic tailor made production improves quality and increases customer satisfaction

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Applying Robotics in orthopedic tailor made production…

Summary: Collaboration between humans and robots (cobots) is on the rise, and more and more applications lend themselves to a solution with robotics. As a result, the social added value of robotics is growing and robots are now becoming a real part of our daily lives. Robotics is also increasingly being used in orthopedics. Opinions differ on the definition of robotics. In this paper, we define it as a collection of systems that function in an unstructured environment, that measure and act physically, and that use (a certain degree of) artificial intelligence.

Translation of the Dutch version: https://zorgprofessionals.livit.nl/whitepaper/whitepaper-robotica/

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Wouter Akkerman
Managing Director
Jan Willem van der Windt
Algemeen Directeur